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Systems of hot-water supply and heating with use of solar vacuum collectors

The oil shock of the late 1970's created global concerns. This, considered together with the worsening ecological conditions which have and are occurring even in the most advanced countries, have acted as a stimulus for the large-scale use of renewable energy.
Today, one of the most effective means of harnessing alternative energy is through solar thermal conversion. This clean energy source is totally environmentally- friendly.
Variation in climatic conditions throughout the world has limited the benefit of a standard flat solar heating collector on cold, windy or cloudy days. Heat losses considerably reduce the performance output of a system. Furthermore, weathering influences, such as humidity, cause condensation, reducing collector efficiency and leading to deterioration of the panel. The revolutionary Thermomax Vacuum Tube Solar Collector performs not only at noon or on clear sunny days, but also when the sun is low or the weather is cloudy. Wind or low temperatures have little effect on its performance.
Tests conducted for instance by the Danish Technology Institute have shown that the vacuum collector has the highest output of solar collectors on the Danish market.
For northern regions where the climate is a cold, the vacuum collector is sole an effective class of a solar collector. The productivity of it is in some times more than productivity of the best flat solar collector.
Under the Russian climatic conditions, it would take approximately 2 m2 of flat plate collectors per person to provide hot water in a household. The Thermomax system can provide hot water for a 4 person family with 2m2.
Now, on the basis of vacuum solar collectors Thermomax, complete with special peripheral devices - automated heat-exchange-accumulators the Danish company "Thermo-Sol", makes systems of heating and hot water supply.
A vacuum system is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance. The quality and durability of the Thermomax vacuum solar products have contributed to an unequalled history of achievements in the development and implementation of solar technology.
Thermosol-Rus brings now this superb technology to the Russian market place for exceptional 'all year, all weather' performance.

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