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"Thermosol-Rus" Company

Systems of hot-water supply and heating with use of solar vacuum collectors

The company "Thermosol-Rus" is the sole distributor of the Danish company "Thermo-Sol", for the first time represents production, new to the Russian market - system of independent the all-year-round hot water supply and heating of dwellings based on use of a solar energy with application of vacuum solar collectors, specially developed for regions with a cold climate.

It took over a decade of dedicated work by a team of scientists to develop an evacuated tube solar collector suitable for all types of weather. Thermomax's advanced vacuum tube solar collector is a breakthrough in solar technology. It is effective throughout the year and saves its users a considerable amount in expensive fuels.

In Russia fuel while is rather cheap, but all the same the solar power is applied there and then where it is impossible or to solve very dearly a problem of maintenance with a heat in the traditional ways. More in detail >>>


Solar hot-water system consists of vacuum solar batteries Thermomax, which will transform solar beams and infra-red radiation to heat, heat-exchange tank and control system.
Received in heat-exchange tank hot water is directly used for heating and hot water supply.
The basic circuit is here.
Service life of vacuum collector not less than 25 years.

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