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"Thermosol-Rus" Company

Systems of hot-water supply and heating with use of solar vacuum collectors
In 2002 the delegation consisting of the founders of the company "Thermosol-Rus", including the representatives of the interested conversion enterprises of Russia has arrived in Republic Sri-Lanka for study of an opportunity of participation in the decision of questions on technical and technological maintenance of the governmental program of development of power on an island. In result, in territory of Sri-Lanka the company "Thermosol-Lanka" PVT was organized.
Into a circle of tasks of this company enters:

1. Delivery from Russia of components and systems of alternative power, such as:

solar hot-water system;
solar photo-electric converters;
gas-electrical generators working on energy of biomass.

2. Installation of these systems on the objects which are taking place in remote and remote areas of an island.
3. Creation and development in territory of Sri-Lanka of joint assembly manufacture of such systems or their separate elements.
4. Export of production, made in common in Sri-Lanka, to the next countries of region of Southeast Asia.

The companies "Thermosol-Lanka" and "Thermosol-Rus" are ready to fruitful and mutually advantageous cooperation in the field of power with all interested countries it and other regions.

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