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Systems of hot-water supply and heating with use of solar vacuum collectors

Solar water-heating systems yet have not received wide application in Russia. It is connected to insufficient readiness of the Russians market and because of rather low prices for energy carriers in comparison with other countries. However, last years because of increase in tariffs at all kinds of energy and because of aspiration of consumers to increase of reliability of a heat supply by application of independent sources, interest to use of solar systems has sharply increased. It occurs not only in southern regions of the country (Krasnodar territory, Rostov area) where it is annually commissioned up to several in thousands m2 of collectors, but also in an average strip of Russia and even in its northern regions where problems of a heat supply of independent consumers stand especially sharply. Impreparation of the market of solar installations in many respects is connected to insufficient knowledge of potential consumers of opportunities and efficiency of use of installations in various climatic conditions and conditions of object of their application.

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