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Systems of hot-water supply and heating with use of solar vacuum collectors

The basic circuit of solar installation of heating of water:

1. Collector; 2. Collector Sensor; 3. Manual Air Valve; 4. Hot Water to Taps; 5 .Tempering Valve; 6. Collector Return; 7. Check Valve; 8. Hose Bibs for Filling and Flushing; 9. Expansion Tank; 10. Air Scoop & Air Vent; 11. Circulating Pump with flanges or couplings; 12. Pressure Relief Valve; 13. Pressure Gauge; 14. Collector Supply; 15. Heat Exchange Coil; 16. Solar Hot Water Tank; 17. Immersion Heater; 18. SMT 300 Controller.
  • The Controller 18 will switch on the pump when the temperature at the collector sensor TC is higher than the return temperature TR by at least the pre selected delta T amount.
  • The pump circulates a heat transfer liquid around the loop.
  • Heat from the collector is transferred to the domestic water through the heat exchange coil in the tank.
  • With the pump running, if delta T is not met, the pump will switch off.
  • When a preset tank temperature is reached at Tmax, the controller switches off the pump.
  • The check valve (non-return valve) prevents heat from the tank rising towards the collector should the tank be warmer (e.g. at night).

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