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"Thermosol-Rus" Company

Systems of hot-water supply and heating with use of solar vacuum collectors

ThermoSol-Rus is the sole distributor of the Thermo-Sol ApS Company in Denmark. Thermo-Sol in Denmark began as a supplier of solar heating systems with vacuum tubes for private homes. Over the years Thermo-Sol have built up considerable knowledge and practical experience in this field. For several years now Thermo-Sol have also supplied larger solar heating installations, which have been able to meet in full the specifications of building developers.
Thermo-Sol has completed many projects, which means that our work can be seen not only in Denmark but also in many other countries. Thermo-Sol can undertake the entire project of making small and large solar installations.
Thermo-Sol experience ranges across many diverse applications: swimming pools, factories, camping sites, hotels and district heating schemes.
We hope that the introduction of the Thermo-Sol product with vacuum solar tube technology will highlight to the Russian Government the potential of using solar power, ensuring a saving on resources spent.


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